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Services & Analytical Capability

The core business of Sci-Tech Laboratories is high quality microbiological and serological services for the agricultural and food industries specialising in all aspects of poultry production as well as offering a range of porcine diagnostic tests for herd monitoring purposes. Sci-Tech Laboratories is also UKAS accredited for water microbiology testing.

In detail, the laboratory provides analytical services covering:

  • The requirements of the Control of Salmonella - Poultry 2007 and the Control of Salmonella - Broilers 2009.
  • Poultry microbiological testing, including salmonella investigation, under DEFRA statutory instruments such as the Animal Bi-Products Orders and Poultry Health Scheme.
  • Poultry serological testing including mycoplasma and salmonella rapid plate testing as required by the Poultry Health Scheme.
  • Routine hatchery, factory and hygiene monitors, including design and implementation of audit/testing schedules to satisfy all industry codes.
  • Accredited testing for mineral and potable water samples.
  • Porcine serological testing
  • Porcine bacteriology testing
  • Disinfectant testing, advice and cleaning programmes.
  • Animal Foodstuffs testing, to comply with Animal By-Products 2005 legislation and Codes of Practice for the control of Salmonella in foodstuffs.
  • Molecular Diagnostic Testing (Real Time PCR)

Other services include:

  • Investigations of any special problems or requirements.
  • Environmental testing of mills, plant and vehicles.
  • On-site consultations and technical services, such as sample collection
  • Consultancy services

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