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Our Services

Our services are geared to the customer's requirements and provide a fast, efficient and accurate service, with free interpretations, where appropriate, based on our years of experience and intimate knowledge of the poultry industry.

Services include:

  • Control of Salmonella - Poultry 2007, Control of Salmonella - Broilers 2009.

  • Full microbiological testing including salmonella investigation under DEFRA statutory instruments, including Animal Bi-Products Orders, and Poultry Health Scheme. Reminders, mailers and swabs are available on request.

  • Full serological testing including Mycoplasma and Salmonella Rapid Plate Testing required under Poultry Health Scheme.

  • Routine hatchery, factory and hygiene monitors, including design and implementation of audit/testing schedules to satisfy all industry codes.

  • Accredited testing and for Mineral and Potable water samples.

  • Investigations of any special problems or requirements.

  • Disinfectant testing, advice and cleaning programmes supplied if required. We have many years of experience with large companies to offer, and we consider ourselves specialists in this field.

  • Any microbiological examination can be arranged for any sample type.

  • Animal Foodstuffs testing, to comply with Animal By-Products 2005 legislation and Codes of Practice for the control of Salmonella in foodstuffs. 

  • Environmental testing of mills, plant and vehicles.

  • We are always available for on-site consultations and technical services such as sample collection, on a variety of matters.

  • Consultancy Services (RH Consultancy)

  • Molecular Diagnostic Testing (MDT) - click here for more

About Sci-Tech Laboratories Ltd

Sci-Tech Laboratories offers a comprehensive scientific and technical service to the agricultural and food industries. Our core business is microbiological and serological services. We pride ourselves on a close and confidential customer relationship.

Managing Director:

Many years experience in food and poultry industries.



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